uPVC Ventilation Systems

uPVC Ventilation Systems

Our uPVC ventilation systems are perfect for providing fresh air to the room.

They facilitate air exchange through tilt and turns windows, fixed windows, or casement windows. Our ventilation windows are made of highly durable material that has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties. They come with a multi-point locking system to ensure complete security. Further, they can be customized and come in different colors and designs with a multi-point locking system, best-in-class climate seals, and internal glazing options.


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With a wide range of customized products, hardware, and accessories for the fabrication and installation of uPVC windows and doors, Lintel Building Solutions has proven to be a one-stop solution provider for homes and organizations.

Sliding Windows & Doors

uPVC sliding windows comprise frames that can slide back and forth and provide ample ventilation and aesthetics. We offer uPVC sliding windows with frames and glass of unmatched quality.

Casement Windows & Doors

uPVC casement windows and doors are easy to open and close and offer an unobstructed view of the outside world. We ensure excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, water and airtightness.

Special Windows & Doors

Apart from regular sliding and casement windows and doors, we offer fold and slide doors, lift and slide doors, French doors, twin sash doors, tilt and turn window, top hung window, fixed window, parallel windows, and more.

Aluminium System Windows

Our aluminium system windows are inherently strong, lightweight, and sustainable, providing contemporary aesthetic looks along with durability.

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